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How it Works

Continously monitor and assess network performance, VoIP quality, and end-user experience.

All About Agents

ObserverLIVE takes performance management to the next level, beginning with free or low-cost agents, architected for flexibility. Cloud, virtual, and microprobe agents can be deployed on premises or in the cloud. Troubleshooting agents can be installed temporarily, or as needed for end-user visibility and problem triage.

Cloud agents are globally deployed by VIAVI for anytime, anywhere service assurance testing of your hybrid IT resources. ObserverLIVE users can select from multiple locations for worldwide “outside-to-inside” testing for critical, web-based applications.

Micro appliance agents are self-contained devices deployable from any location with Ethernet and AC power.

Ideal for branch locations or small business sites, they can be installed in minutes and are small enough to sit behind a desk or in a closet.

Troubleshooting agents are designed to be downloaded and temporarily installed on a user’s systems to perform diagnostics on specific issues independent of location.

Once in place, system admins can execute tests as required, triage and isolate the problem. Once resolved, the agent is removed from your users system and can be reused elsewhere.

Virtual agents are typically located within on-premise IT resources. They are free and can be widely deployed on existing dedicated or virtualized platforms within data centers or large branches. They are well-suited to perform inside-to-outside service and VoIP testing, or validating the integrity of critical network links between IT sites.

What is a Monitor?

A monitor is a series of synthetic tests that run between an agent and a destination of your choice to proactively assess performance. Monitors can be dynamically allocated and reallocated remotely, on any agent, in real-time.

As tests execute, results are automatically sent to ObserverLIVE where they are analyzed and presented in clear, easy-to-follow dashboards and reports.

Network monitors run on ObserverLIVE agents, performing ongoing testing of business critical links.

Service monitors run on ObserverLIVE agents, continuously testing cloud-based applications for availability and end-user experience levels.

VoIP monitors run on ObserverLIVE agents, continuously testing VoIP connectivity and quality.

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