How it Works

Continously monitor and assess network performance, VoIP quality, and end-user experience.

All About Agents

ObserverLIVE takes performance management to the next level, beginning with free or low-cost agents, architected for flexibility. Cloud, virtual, and microprobe agents can be deployed on premises or in the cloud. Troubleshooting agents can be installed temporarily, or as needed for end-user visibility and problem triage.





What is a Monitor?

A monitor is a series of synthetic tests that run between an agent and a destination of your choice to proactively assess performance. Monitors can be dynamically allocated and reallocated remotely, on any agent, in real-time.

As tests execute, results are automatically sent to ObserverLIVE where they are analyzed and presented in clear, easy-to-follow dashboards and reports.





Whether on premises or in the cloud, ensure that your websites and web-based services are responsive and delivering acceptable end-user experience. Shorten ticket life by accurately identifying the source of performance problems.

Features Include:

  • Problem domain indication
  • Reports and alerts when web apps fail to meet expected service levels
  • Global testing for expanded awareness of application performance


Ensure successful business communication and collaboration by improving the quality of VoIP. Easily understand how, where, and when sessions break down via ongoing, synthetic calls before the issue impacts actual humans.

Features Include:

  • Measurements of MOS, loss, latency, and jitter
  • Alerts on service availability and call degradation
  • Easy-to-read dashboards to pinpoint the likely source of the problem

Network Performance

Validate the status of important network links and confirm service level agreement (SLA) compliance. Isolate problem domain to eliminate finger pointing between IT teams. Optimize resources to better manage network capacity.

Features Include:

  • Non-intrusive, ongoing, endpoint-to-endpoint performance tests
  • Standards-based performance tracking to verify routes, delay, and loss
  • Real-time awareness of degraded network quality and connectivity

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